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The big problem with rubbish

The big problem with rubbish is that we:

  • have too much of it (increases with human consumption)
  • don’t know where to put it
  • it doesn’t degrade

So where does it make most sense to stick rubbish? In our most permanent constructions!
And if we don’t “like” to do that … whose health are we really talking about? Certainly not the oceans’.

On the other hand, the big problem with organic materials (clay, straw, wood, wool, etc.) is that they:

It is going against the nature of these materials to confine them in some structure that tries, for our convenience, to prevent them from decomposing. Even ‘ecologists’ and ‘permaculture designers’ end up using organic materials to build our most permanent structures and leave our non-destructible rubbish into already stressed-out ecosystems, causing yet more destruction!

So where does it make most sense to stick organic materials? In the ground to grow biomass with it!
This is something you cannot do with plastic because plastic gets in the way of this process.

It’s of the utmost importance that we end this irrational habit and start locking away rubbish safely and making it useful so that is becomes multifunctional.

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