8th Life Panama EcoVillage



We’re looking for people who realize that creating more EcoVillages and other transition communities is an urgent & vital necessity, and who feel a genuine calling to apply their talents, knowledge, passion, creativity & all resources they can muster toward helping to create those communities, people who see this as a labor of love for future generations.

If you are a creative, values-driven, innovative and “roll-up-your-sleeves and get down to work” type of person you will probably have a great time here, as there is so much to do.  What you’ll be doing here depends on your skills, abilities, and interests as well as the project’s priorities. Here are some ideas of what you might be able to help with:

  • Food – tend to the food forest and raised bed, plant and tend seeds, harvest and process food, design improvements to scale-up production, food preservation
  • Water – maintain existing system, design and install improvements such as solar showers
  • Land – reforestation and erosion control, maintain swales and dig new ones
  • Construction – building structures for showers and compost toilets, improving existing structures, building benches and tables, designing and building a meditation space
  • Electricity – research and design off-grid energy plans, install solar, wind, or water based electrical systems that allow us to disconnect from the grid
  • Animals – tending chickens, ducks, goats or whatever animals we have when you’re here, using ‘animal tractors’ for clearing and preparation of soil
  • Painting – structures require protection from the elements, standard wall/roof painting is great, and we also have many surfaces that could become beautiful murals
  • Housekeeping – cleaning rooms and washing sheets between volunteers, keeping the kitchen and deck clean, cooking
  • Local Community – activities with the local elementary school, eco-club at local high school, and with students of the local university, movie nights with eco-education moments, eco-consciousness building with our neighbors
  • Office support – maintain and improve the website, handle social media, make connections, handle outreach and finding ways to get the project known

What you’ll be doing also depends on how long you’ll be here. Visitors stay for 5 – 7 days and help with whatever we have going on then. Short-term volunteers stay between 1 week and 1 month and work on specific short-term projects. Long-term volunteers who are with us from 1 – 3 months help design and lead projects and provide support across the board when needed.

Volunteering is a commitment, and we appreciate you for this! If this sounds like something you want to pursue, here’s our application process and application.