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It’s Time to Change the World!

Change the world – Yes you can! Permaculture is all about change – changing how we look at things, providing a holistic view that synthesizes a series of principles, rules and ethics that can be used to design a new world. After all, Permaculture is all about creating sustainable human settlements where all life on earth is cared for. If that’s not changing the world, then what is?

Design your life – How do you want to live?  Is everything just fine and dandy right now or do you want to do something different with your life?  Permaculture provides you with a ton of tools you can use to design the life you want and deserve.

Join the movement! Learn permaculture! Together we can create a sustainable world.

Course dates: August 17 – 31, 2024

Learn permaculture!
Change the world. Design your life. Grow food. Create the change you want to see in the world. Permaculture is based on ethics and principles that remind us how to live in harmony with earth’s natural laws. It reminds us to live cooperatively, and that if we care for the earth and all that depends on her, we can live abundantly and peacefully.

Create the change – What change do you want to create? Whether it’s something that will impact your family or your whole community, Permaculture provides the tools for creating change. Interested in starting a buy-local group? A buy nothing initiative? A sustainable enterprise? Growing healthy food on your balcony or in your small backyard?  Permaculture can help with that!

It all starts with observation. This provides insight into where to start – where it will make the most difference. Immerse yourself in Permaculture and create the change you want to see.

This 2-week intensive course will change how you interact with the world around you. By integrating and synthesizing key elements of many modern and traditional knowledge systems, Permaculture sets forth a series of ethics, rules and principles and provides a toolbox of techniques that can be applied to any aspect of life. On an everyday basis, Permaculture principles and ethics provide guidance in living more sustainably, helping us make more conscious decisions around personal practices, encouraging cooperation over competition, careful observation, and the consideration of multiple factors in decision making (to highlight just a few Permaculture principles).

Facilitated at a forming ecovillage in the tropics, this PDC is about relearning a mindset that humankind has lost over time, a mindset of abundance and cooperation not just with other human beings but with all life on earth.  This course will challenge you to learn by doing and, when you’re ready, to enhance your learning by coaching others on what you’ve just learned. We all bring many skills to the table and we each have special gifts and talents and you will be encouraged to apply and adapt these throughout the course.

To increase learning opportunities on site, 4 preparatory online classes are held in the weeks prior to arrival. This maximizes practical hands-on experience and allows for meaningful discussion and action-learning from day one.  Hands-on activities center around the ever-changing panorama of a forming ecovillage.

In addition to a new appreciation of the world, of what is possible, and how to make changes that benefit the planet and all that depends on her, this course provides:

  • 4 online classes prior to arrival
  • 13 days of onsite learning including field trips = over 90 hours of practice, instruction, discussion, and skill sharing
  • 1 free day to explore Panama
  • Rustic lodging (shared rooms, tents)
  • 3 healthy meals per day
  • One-on-one design support
  • Lifetime involvement – come back any time!

Regular price $1,175.  Early bird price $975 until June 15.

For complete information and to apply, please visit http://8thLifePanama.org/PanamaPDC/.

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