The Location

We're located in the Coclé Province of Panama, in the District of Anton. Astoria Guest House is located in the town of Anton proper. The Finca is across the Panamerican highway, heading up the mountains in the community of Las Guabas Arriba.

Astoria is a family friendly Guest House that's open to the public.
You can see where it is here.

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We know that inquiring minds will look up Las Guabas Arriba, but we don't publish the exact location of the Finca in these pages or give it to people we don't know yet because this is going to be our home (we do value our privacy). Plus, we're going to be very busy with our projects and just "popping-in" isn't the best way to see what we're up to See Visiting Us for options.

The Land

  • 21Ha in Las Guabas Arriba, Anton, Panama
  • Our first priority will be to increase fertility, vegetation, and biodiversity on the land
  • Part of this important work will be reforestation and capturing water, which will be among the first designs needed
  • 2.5 hours from Panama City to the property
  • half an hour from the town of Antón
  • Bordered by a seasonal creek and a year-round river
  • Accessible by public transport and a 10 minute walk
  • Dirt road leads to the stream, then passes through The Finca
  • No electricity or running water - it's not been inhabited in recent centuries - opportunity to generate what we need

  • Varied topography and soil - ideal for multiple uses
  • Topography with potential for capturing water
  • Climate and location ideal for generating electricity with micro-hydro, wind and/or solar systems
  • Cellular phone signal - need to figure out optimum spots
  • Impressive views

The Accommodations

Villa Astoria is close to various local beaches and mountains, with good public transport connections, and is about 25 minutes in car from the Finca.

We live in a very beautiful place

But we don't live here as consumers of this beauty, rather as stewards & protectors of the land. 

We do not want people to ask themselves "Do I want to live there?  Will I like it there?" 

but rather to ask themselves "Does this land want me here?  Can I be of best service here?"

Because the first question supposes that land can belong to us, the second understands that we belong to the land.

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