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e like to get to know you (preferably by Skype or Zoom, but also email if you prefer) to agree the details of  your visit, what is the best option for you, etc.

and when we've agreed dates + cost for your stay, you can make a definite booking by following these steps:

To Reserve

We want to get to know you - so there's a few steps:

Step 1)
Send an email to [email protected] with the following information about you:

  1. Complete names of the people coming
  2. Why are you (each person) interested and what do you want to learn, what can you offer - tell us about yourself, your life and the experiences that have brought you to this point.
  3. Estimated arrival and departure dates
  4. Your email address
  5. Skype name (if you have one)
  6. Home / mobile phone numbers where you can be reached

Step 2) Talk with us by Skype, Zoom, or What's App.

Step 3) Follow the instructions here: to sign up for the CDPi course. Be sure to indicate that you'll be taking the course here in Panama. (Skip this step if you're just coming as a guest.)

Step 4) When we talk, we'll provide information on how to pay for your stay at Villa Astoria and once you've paid your accommodations and course, we ask that you send us an email providing the following:
  1. Dates (and if possible time) of your arrival and departure
  2. Detail of payment made to the Academy (date, payment method, copy of the email sent to the Academy)
  3. Detail of payment made to Villa Astoria (date, payment).

that you need to send this information
to complete your reservation

and YES, Astoria has an online reservation system, but if you don't follow these steps
we won't know you're interested the 8thLife Initiative and won't be prepared for you

Paying for your Accommodations:

Accommodations can be paid through:
  • Bank Transfer (USA / Panamá)
  • PayPal

We'll give you the details when we talk.

Cost for Guests

Your lodging at Villa Astoria runs between $150 and $250 per week depending on your room choice.  This represents a 40% discount off of nightly rates.  Please book at least 1 week in advance, and payment is required in advance.  You can book online at Astoria Guest House, and be sure to follow the above steps so we know that you're interested in 8thLife Panama.

Cost of Internships

Keep in mind that internships need to be reserved at least 3 weeks prior and preferably longer, since you'll begin to prepare with the Integral Permaculture Academy online once you enroll and the more prepared you are, the better use you'll make of your time here.  You also have to reserve your accommodations with us here in Panama and enroll in the CDPi Course (Option B as a minimum) with the Integral Permaculture Academy

  Shared Room*
Private Room*

1st month
room only

USD $400

USD $600

CDPi Course
(USD 1.1 = EUR 1 Approx)

EUR 286€
USD $336

EUR 286 €
USD $336

Total Approx
(USD 1.1 = EUR 1)


USD $736

USD $936
Following months
room costs**

$452 max
$325 min
$597 max
$470 min

* Subject to room availability and the preferences of other participants.

** You can earn 'alternative monies' (equivalent to the dollar) for work you do for the project during your stay. You can later exchange them for discounts on accommodations or additional workshops.

NOTE: When paying in advance for at least 3 months, discounts apply.

Cost for Volunteers

This all depends on how long you'll be with us, what you bring to the table, how much time you'll spend supporting the 8thLife Panama Initiative and how much time you'll be off doing your own things. 

We will be setting up some formal volunteer opportunities.  Some will be at no cost - for instance to come stay with us for 3-4 days while you develop a short film of the Guest House.  But most will have a cost component, since all ventures need to be financially viable.

What about Food?

There are plenty of markets around the Guest House and when there are groups of people here, meals are often prepared and shared communally.  Meal costs aren't included in your stay.