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We need to move all the resources we can as quickly as possible towards the most effective solutions if we are to halt & reverse the current destructive trends, and create a new, saner economy.  

From "Collapsing Consciously"

an e-book by Carolyn Baker

Anyone who is paying attention to the converging crises of our planet rapidly becomes aware, if he or she isn’t already, that industrial civili­zation has infantilized its inhabitants. 
As someone has said, we are a culture of two-year-olds that refuses to accept limits. 
Hence we are now living the consequences of our unwillingness to grow up and confront reality.

In Nature and the Human Soul, Bill Plotkin outlines the developmen­tal, emotional, and spiritual tasks of our species from infancy to death, emphasizing our need for initiatory experiences that deepen the soul and its wisdom. 
Speaking generally, it’s easy to deduce that, as a species, we need to grow up; however, Plotkin details the maturation process of individuals who become eco-soul-centric as opposed to ego-self-centric human beings.

An eco-centric human being or culture endeavors to serve both na­ture and the culture of which she is a part.  
In an eco-centric culture, customs and traditions are rooted in interdependence.  Obviously, this is in stark contrast with the ego-centric individual or culture, which per­ceives itself as separate and often superior to the other.  Dependence on authoritarian systems or extreme independence is valued. It’s all about me and mine.  There is little concern for the sacred but much for the profane—and the word profane is related to the word profit.

Authentic adulthood is grounded in the sacred and in one’s connec­tion with the rest of the earth community, with which the mature indi­vidual recognizes his interdependence. 
From that perspective, it’s all about all of us, including our descendants, at least seven generations forward.
Turbulent times compel us to abandon our infantilized outlook and become reverent, interdependent, eco-centric adults. 
While we are now experiencing the end of growth on many levels worldwide, there is no limit to emotional and spiritual growth. It is the one and only thing we can have as much of as we like.

We believe 
that stopping the destruction,
working to build soil,
restore ecosystems, 
heal our addictions,
change organizational structures
of the global economy
& learn to live in community
starting locally ...
are the 
most important & urgent
jobs to do 

If you are clear for yourself that supporting the transition of
our destructive society to a sustainable world
is your first priority
you will love this 
& we are looking 
for you.

We need to move all the resources we can as quickly as possible towards the most effective solutions if we are to halt & reverse the current destructive trends, and create a new, saner economy. 

Holistic Management

Holistic Management is another name for Integral Permaculture (only IP includes a few more models, the aims are the same: to integrate all the quadrants to design for sustainability), and one of the great pioneers we are learning from is Allan Savory.  

If you see only one of the videos in this page, watch this one :)

Vídeo de YouTube

Mr Allan Savory used decades of research to create a holistic method to manage land to fight desertification. Something he has proved to work in several parts of the world. In this very personal interview with Mr Savory he explains the results and the way to manage in a holistic way. Something he says is a crucial understanding to battle effects from a climate change. But also that unifying the public and the public opinion is core for humans in order to survive and thrive.

Interview with a Founder Member

Thanks Taco for making this movie!

An interview with Stella Strega about Integral Permaculture, the new EcoVillage project being set up and why it is crucial we design for a creative, energy descent. 

We talk about the end of cheap oil, how our privileged lives in the west are connected to wars & the destruction of ecosystems, why the high rate of (western) ecovillage-project failures & what we can do about it. 

Also we discuss how we need to unlearn much of what we have been indoctrinated with in our industrialized societies, in order to make these transition initiatives work.

Recommended Videos

Actually there are lots more & if you want a huge selection ... 
have a look in the Integral Permaculture e-Book:
(these are the supporting materials for the Integral PDC Course,
which is a requirement for membership of our EcoVillage
(so the sooner you get on the course 
... the sooner you'll be designing the EcoVillage with us !!)

Derrick Jensen - Endgame

all of Jensen's lectures are excellent, here is a video compilation

Life at the End of Empire

Derrick Jensen on Ecological Destruction

Part of the "Why Are Things Falling Apart?" series. 
In this clip Derrick Jensen discusses the dominant culture's urge for death.

Sally Erickson on the Global Addiction to Consumerism

Another clip as part of the "Why Are Things Falling Apart?" series. In this clip, producer Sally Erickson suggests that our lack of recognizing limits makes us describable as "a culture of two year olds."

Globalization Impact with Daniel Quinn

Another clip as part of the "Why Are Things Falling Apart?" series. 
In this clip, Daniel Quinn touches on the impacts of globalization.

Chellis Glendinning on Global Sustainability

another clip as part of the "Why Are Things Falling Apart?" series. 
In this clip, Ecopsychology pioneer Chellis Gledinning reminds us of the psychological wounds caused by empire and civilization.