Joining Us

If you are seriously interested in joining the EcoVillage as a member, this is the basic procedure for everyone. You an begin this process before or after visiting us, whatever works best for you.

> 1)
fill out our Application Form

> 2) Enroll in the online Integral Permaculture Certificate action learning program, where we will formally start your induction into the project as well as designing together your transition to the eco-village (including any eco-business you might need to organize).

This training is a basic requirements for all resident members.

Becoming a Member (of any EcoVillage Project)

(minimum 1 lifetime of commitment, interest at least
1 year in advance)

If you are in an 'interest' phase of exploration we have prepared the online action-learning courses of the Integral Permaculture Academy especially for you.

Note there are some great introductory free MiniCourses which are a good place to start if you are only just starting to explore.

But if you want to move a lot faster (with planning a more sustainable life for real), do start at least with Option A as it includes the introductory mini-courses but also some very useful personal support in actually planning your transition, as a design, as well as more advanced classes.

Becoming a Share-Holder in 8thLife Panama

The pioneer group here at 8thLife are of course 100% totally committed people, so we particularly enjoy living & working with others who have chosen the same path. 

This image explains why (one of the important "whys" ...), and it is the reason we go into a lot of detail in describing who we are looking for, in this project presentation.

The visit options were prepared in order that you can see what you're getting into.  We don't think it's possible to make a lifetime commitment such as this without coming to see us first.  It also allows us to include people who aren't quite sure what it's all about and we are delighted that we can support people in any stage of their path.    

We've also designed this so that any useful net contribution you make to the 8thLife project during your path of exploration can be counted toward your share, as an investor, should you later join us as a Resident Member.

Which in concrete terms means that we can count as part of your share:

1) a proportion* of any monetary contribution you make to this eco-village project when visiting us.

2) a proportion of any in-kind contribution**  that you make to building any of the infrastructure of the site, if you have eco-building skills and experience that you can contribute.   

* from 20% to 50% depending on individual circumstances

** For previously agreed - in writing - finished work

(we value this in alternative currencies which will be equivalent to the dollar).

A reminder about shares:

  • One of the important most jobs we need to do to change paradigms is to 'liberate' land.  The idea of humans 'owning' land is incomprehensible to native peoples and one of the roots of our collective psychosis in the west.   With this shares scheme (shares correspond to living rights / stewardship duties but not 'ownership' of land) what we are doing is putting the land in trust with a Foundation which ensures it will be safeguarded by permaculture ethics, principles & objectives in perpetuity.  We think this change of mind regarding ownership is essential to bring a saner understanding & practice in our relationship to the land for the future, so we are busy designing for that as well.
  • This is a way of enjoying a whole farm for a fraction of the price it would cost you to buy one on your own, whilst multiplying many times its quality & fertility.   The land available already comes with all basic infrastructure already in place: the additional shares will be spent only on improving this infrastructure further.
  • You can cash-in your investment when you wish to move on, always provided you have contributed positively to the project.   This would increase simply with time under industrial conditions, but should increase a lot more (in real value if not cash value) as an increasingly productive rural land with our work on it, and particularly as a unit of a wider synergetic whole (the EcoVillage).  
  • You will be surrounded by other independent entrepreneurs which you can cooperate with to maximize the benefits of all activities
  • In the case you need to create a job, here you can do so without running the high risks usually found in terms of making this lifestyle viable (economically, socially, personally) especially if it is new to you
  • Organic living is wildly productive if done in a sensible way, not in isolation (as many couples or nuclear families try to make it work) and with the right set of knowledge, experience, skills, local contacts and especially with the solid on-site long-term observation and testing.   We can supply all of those, on site, as well as the tangible resources that are needed to start, already in place.
  • You can have the best of both worlds: the independence of your own piece of land & own eco-business, with the companionship & support as well as the safety-net of other entrepreneurs around you who are mostly busy with very complimentary businesses of their own
  • Great synergies are possible (but not obligatory) in this set-up.
  • In the case of you already having a transportable own business, here you can find a perfect home to run it from: high speed internet connection availability combined with simple healthy living in a most beautiful natural place